The worst day of my life ever.

But not really I guess. 

Today, rather last night my computer died. Now, if you don't know me, you probably won't know that just about my entire life revolves around my computer. I use it for all my work, gaming, YouTube, Twitter, etc, etc. So you can imagine my despair when I return to use it last night and it doesn't power on. Apologies now to those of you who won't have any idea what I'm on about. And apologies if the format and such of this post goes haywire, I don't think I've ever blogged from my phone!

I'm pretty good with technology, I usually know what I'm doing. But this one honestly stumped me. So I turned to the trusty Overclockers UK forums for help and, after some very useful information from some people who're much more in the know than me, I had a list of solutions. 

Tested my power supply, and it's fine. (thank goodness.) If my power supply had gone, there's a chance it could have taken the whole system with it, which would be worse than what actually happened. It took then entire system apart, and connected up the power cables whilst resting the motherboard on a box, sounds incredibly ghetto but that's how it's done. Trust me. With a great deal of worry I hit the power button. 

A pop, a sizzle, a burst of flame, a puff of smoke and the distinct scent of burnt electronics saw the end of my motherboard. 

*sad face*

I wouldn't mind so much if it hadn't been absolutely fine for the past 2 years. For it to suddenly go bang it's really quite upsetting. So now I'm awaiting a replacement. Or will be once if sent it away. I won't know the outcome until they've received it and tested it (if they even bother) so hopefully this time next week all will be back to normal. 

*fingers crossed*

In other news, I've started the second semester of my second year at university. Which is awesome. We had a great guest lecture today from Nick Dixon who came to talk to us about his career in game sound design, which is something I'm considering more and more all the time. I'm really unsure what I want to do, but there's absolutely no rush to figure it out. And it's nice of my lecturers to be putting my mind at ease about it all. Just need to focus on the now and smash out my degree!

That's about it for now. I'll update you with more goings on from recent times shortly!

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Have a nice little compaq as a lend if you need it. Will need a good sort tho as ry been using it and probably won't be fast enough for you. Hope you get sorted asap.

    1. Should manage for a week or so, don't worry. Contacted people to get it replaced so I'm just waiting on a reply.


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