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Composition, and how it's haunting me.

Welcome back! Or if you're new, welcome to my blog! If you're not familiar with me, there's a post you can read here - Clicky - and you'll find out a little about me. However, today I want to talk about composition, and how it's not actually haunting me, rather me chasing it. That's musical composition, and if you've never encountered that word before, it's the process of writing music. Simple to understand really, but not necessarily to do. Unfortunately for me, composition doesn't come as naturally to me as it does to some people. I can't just knock out work after work with them all sounding good. My brain doesn't really work like that. I really like writing music. Whether it's for some sort of assessment, or for fun, or for the band I play in ( cheeky plug ). And recently, I had a bit of a revelation in the sense that I may have actually worked out what I want to do with my life. It's a little bit of a risk in a way, because I won

It's officially 2014.

Well hello there! So, the title is perhaps a bit obvious and pointless, but yes. It is officially 2014. And has been for 22 whole days now. So what's the point in this post? I'm not actually sure to be honest, but it's high time to break myself back into writing, and hopefully have a very good year on this blog. It seemed to gain a relatively small, but rather pleasing amount of popularity towards the end of 2013, so with a bit of luck it'll take off this year. This is really just turning into an update, as my posts usually do, but 2014 is sure to be an exciting year for me, and those surrounding me. There are a few opportunities coming up that I'm absolutely up for grabbing a hold of, and making the most of. But, more on those later once they actually begin to materialise. You may, or may not have noticed that my blog URL has changed. That's right, I'm no longer hosted by Google, but rather with my own actual domain name. Which is pretty cool, and likely ma

New year, new approach.

Hello one and all. It was pointed out to me quite recently that I haven't posted in a while, and this I am well aware of. I am sorry about it, but don't worry, because the title suggests things are going to change a little around here. Mainly, I'd like to start writing about more specific things. I don't know what yet, but I'll get a list together of things to write about, and I'll pick them off one by one. By all means, leave some suggestions, and I'll tackle them if I see fit, and as best as I can. This isn't to say I'll stop with the random life updates, and completely random posts, so don't worry about that. Whilst this isn't really that important of a post, it's important to let you all know I'm still here, and I still want to write. I'm back at university now, and it should be a pretty important term for me, as well as everyone else on my course. So that's it for now. Keep your eyes peeled, I'll be back soon. - Antho