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(Belated) First Birthday!

Hello there to anybody who may be lurking around these parts! Yes, that's right. As the title says, my blog is now 1 year old. On the 12th of July, in fact. So yes it's a few days late, and yes it's been a while since I've even typed Blogger into my address bar. My apologies. Happy Birthday to There's not a great deal to say, except a massive thank you to everybody who has read, commented, shared and been involved with this site in any way whatsoever. I honestly don't even know what made me decide to start a blog in the first place, but I'm glad I did. And as much as I do appreciate everything you readers have done, I can't help but feel I've let you down a little. This will be my 21st post in 12 months. So sure, that averages almost 2 posts a month, but it's kind of not. So it's time for a change. (He says, for perhaps the 7th time so far.) I will get back into blogging. You'll see. So thank you. See you soon! - Anthon