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Something rather serious. But not really.

There has been a hoax. A hoax which has been floating around the Internet for over a year now and quite frankly, I've had enough. Check me, getting all serious and stuff. For anybody who knows me, I'm quite the fan of the Back to the Future trilogy. And it really does annoy me when I browse Facebook, or any other social networking sites to see people sharing the following image. Or some variant of. No. Wrong. I'm sure we've all seen this. People going "OMG. Today is actually the day Marty and Doc travelled forward in time". Just trying to look cool as if they're some huge fan of the films. Pfft. The actual date, in case you're wondering is the 21st of October, 2015. As demonstrated by this lovely image I found on Google earlier. Yes. Correct. It genuinely astounds me that people assume it's the correct date. And it's crazy how many people actually do. So, I think we should all work together to make it very clear what the actual date is, and shu

A Short Update

I'll be honest... I've not much to say this week. I'm sort of holding back everything that's happened, or I've thought about for the University Diary project. So I'll just share a couple of things with you for now, and you can see the rest here -  Click Me! - on Sunday. I've been sorted through some of my things, mainly clothes and random junk, and then I found this... Oh dear. For anyone who hasn't studied any form of music theory at grade five or above, you might not know what a '7th' is. But for Mia, Giorge and me (hope you pair don't mind me mentioning you!) they have been an absolute nightmare we've had to live with for the past two years. Maybe even more. In A Level Music you have to produce pieces of harmony. The likes of which are irritating enough to drive you to insanity. Now I know I've never been brilliant at these harmony pieces, but I genuinely don't think I've ever been bad enough at something for a teacher to

Sunday Surprise Day!

My oh my, it has been a stressful few days. Everything was fine up until Thursday morning. I woke up just before six o'clock in the morning so I could wait for my results to come through email. And they never came. I was freaking out. And I'd like to apologise to anyone who may have read my Twitter on Thursday morning. It was a mess. And thank you to everyone who helped out and tried to keep me calm and stuff. So, I had to wait until ten o'clock to go round to school to fetch them. Granted, I was going in anyway to see people, but the wait had been killing me. I opened my envelope and my heart just sank. Two C's and a D. My university offer being a B and two C's. So I sat down, pulled out my phone, logged into UCAS track and the first screen to greet me was my acceptance onto my chosen course. And I just burst into tears. NO SHAME. And again, thank you for the hugs and the reassuring words and just, oh my god I'm so glad it's over.  That's eight years

Some thoughts and stuff.

Hello all! So, me and thousands of other people roughly my age are just a few days away from what can only be described as D-Day for us A level students. That day of course being results day. Many of us are panicking, many of us are worried, and then there's little (but not so little) old me just sitting here not feeling panicked or worried at all. I don't get why. I should be. It's not as if these results doesn't matter, because they do. They really do. And, to be quite honest, it's possibly the most terrifying day of my life so far. It will pretty much decide what the next step in my life is, all before I've even got out of bed. I want to go to university. I will go. Even if I miss the grades they're asking. Lincoln, be prepared. I'll be there in September one way or another. I need a B and two C grades to assure I can get in. I do have a little leeway in the fact I've got two half A levels to back me up if it all goes horribly wrong. Which, to be