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Inching ever closer...

'Sup? Hello to you all, and welcome back to my blog. I bet you'd forgotten about me, hadn't you? Well, I'm still here but I've been so incredibly busy that finding time, or quite frankly the motivation to write something has been somewhat difficult. So enough excuses, here I am. Just over one week away from finishing for Easter, and oh my goodness I really cannot wait. It feels like this term at uni has been such a long one, and whilst this is week only week 10, I'm ready for a break. The same thing happened last term, in the week or two approaching Christmas my brain slowly started to just give up ever so slightly, leaving my wondering if I'm actually cut out for university life. I am, don't worry. Each time I finish a piece of work it's like a small glimmer of hope that the end is near, and I can't wait. I really can't. It'll be kind of sad once the year is over, because by the end of May my first year will be well and truly over. I hav