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Vinyl, and why it's better than anything you've ever heard before.

Hello one and all! So if you don't know by now that I like vinyl records, then I probably haven't told you. Sorry about that. But yes, I do indeed appreciate a good vinyl. There's something about it that is just so different to any other form of physical audio, like a CD, or cassette, *chuckles*. I don't think I can quite put my finger on it, but the sound you get from that tiny stylus running itself through the grooves is actually quite magical, and to my ears there's nothing quite like it. I've been wanting a record player for some time now, and when I went out to search for one last week, I ended up buying a full Hi-Fi system. Vinyl, radio, cassette and CD all in one, wow! Of course the tape section will likely never be used, and the radio doesn't particularly interest me, since I can only find a couple of stations. That does include Siren FM though, hooray for local radio! The speakers don't match the stereo itself, and it's been sold to me with