Vinyl, and why it's better than anything you've ever heard before.

Hello one and all!

So if you don't know by now that I like vinyl records, then I probably haven't told you. Sorry about that. But yes, I do indeed appreciate a good vinyl. There's something about it that is just so different to any other form of physical audio, like a CD, or cassette, *chuckles*. I don't think I can quite put my finger on it, but the sound you get from that tiny stylus running itself through the grooves is actually quite magical, and to my ears there's nothing quite like it.

I've been wanting a record player for some time now, and when I went out to search for one last week, I ended up buying a full Hi-Fi system. Vinyl, radio, cassette and CD all in one, wow! Of course the tape section will likely never be used, and the radio doesn't particularly interest me, since I can only find a couple of stations. That does include Siren FM though, hooray for local radio! The speakers don't match the stereo itself, and it's been sold to me with a CD player attachment which isn't actually part of the Hi-Fi itself, rather an accessory which the previous owner(s) obviously bought separately. But I paid £30, and as far as I can tell it's all functional, so I don't care.

It spins and sound comes out, wow!
Look at it! It's wonderful. And dirty. Really dirty. So much dust, and muck, you can just tell it's been sat there since the day it was bought, and has never seen a drop of polish in its life. Bless. I'm working on it though! It'll be all clean and shiny before long. The important thing is it works, and that's all that matters for now. £30 well spent. Although the transporting of it from the shop to my flat was less than ideal.

Originally the plan was to collect it the same day I bought it, but shock of all shocks it rained, didn't it? So even if I could cover it up, there was no way I was going back out in that weather. So, I enlisted the help of dad the day after, as rather conveniently my parents payed me a visit, hooray!

Vinyl sounds incredible. I don't care if you think it'd dead, or useless, it sounds amazing, looks cool, and is so incredibly impractical, but I don't care because it's wonderful.
They're just so cool.

Look at them all! There are more on the way too, and I can't wait to get them played.

In other news!

I'm heading home tomorrow for the weekend, and I get to go to a gig (at last!) The last actual gig I went to and didn't play was when I saw Iron Maiden way back in 2009 I think it was. So fortunately I'm off to see Frank Turner in Nottingham, which I'm assured is going to cause some serious post-gig depression, but it will be worth it, I'm sure. Not sure what I'll do with the rest of the weekend, but it's always nice to go home from time to time.

I'm heading into the studio with Jack and Lee in a couple of weeks, which is going to be brilliant! I can't wait to get some recordings done. They'll be on our new Audient desk, which probably means nothing to most of you, but don't worry. I'll be writing about that once we're done anyway, so keep your eyes peeled! Hopefully we can get some gigs soon as well, because I desperately miss playing.

If you want to check out our band, then click this - Clicky! - there are links to all of our other social media outlets, so have a look around and see if you like it.

I think that's just about all I've got time for right now really, as I'm actually supposed to be doing some reading to cut down the amount I have to do this weekend. But, this is way more fun! Haha!

Thanks for reading!

More soon,

- Anthony.


  1. Hi there, Vinyls and real music and legends will never go out of "fashion" ..
    You are right about "there is something about and is just so different" ... plus the quality cannot compete with Mp3-s etc.... Cheers from Another Music Lover (from BBN)

    1. Thanks again for your comment. So glad you share the same views as me on vinyl. I'm still collection and listening regularly. It's just so wonderful!

  2. LOVE VINYL TOO!!! I noticed you have Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - would love to hear "Home" on vinyl!!!

    1. Hi Poppy! 'Home' sounds wonderful on vinyl. You should definitely try it some time! So sorry I haven't replied until now. Thanks for your comment!

  3. So many fantastic things happening right now.
    1. Um, vinyl is perfect, can't go wrong with it. If you ever are apprehensive, it is always worth it to spend the money for the vinyl, as pretentious as you may feel.
    2. I noticed you happen to play the world's most under appreciated instrument (as do I)
    3. Your band is quite wonderful.
    Keep collecting your vinyl :)

    1. Hi Taylor, thank you for your comments! So sorry I haven't replied until now. I really lose track of this blog sometimes! Vinyl is fantastic. I'm still collecting, and listening regularly. I think an update on my collection is due! I'm still playing bass, and it's always great to hear from a fellow player. And thank you for your comment on my band. We're still together and we're actually recording again in the next few weeks!


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