I'm not dead!

Hello everybody!

Fear not, I'm still here. I've just been lurking for a week or so now, that's all. It's not like there is any specific reason I've not posted for a while. Between packing and preparing for university and keeping relaxed I've really not had much to talk about.

I move on Sunday. Which, is both scary and exciting. Whilst I don't feel particularly scared or nervous or worried, I know for a fact that I am. No doubt it will all come bubbling up on Sunday morning, which, if it does I hope I'm prepared for it. I'll have the whole day to recover however, since I can't actually move into my 'apartment' *cough*flat*cough* until 3 o'clock. And even then it's likely it'll be after that since the whole moving in process seems rather complicated. I'm not even kidding. We have to drive to 'car park A', and wait there until someone tells us we can drive to the university, then to my flat, and then we have to be gone by 5 o'clock. So it's a very short window of time. And considering the street is about as wide as a double mattress, it's going to be an absolute nightmare. I just know it.

However, there is a tea party at 5 o'clock so the Vice Chancellor can meet us and our parents, so that's pretty cool. There had better be cake.

In terms of packing, I'm pretty much done. There's only my clothes, musical instruments and my computer left. Which will all get boxed up on Saturday night, ready to go in the car on Sunday. I'm going to have to double check I've got everything I think I'll need, because knowing me I'll get back to my flat on Sunday night, need something and not have it. Which will suck. I should have made a list. Smart people make lists. Oops.

I think that I've met all of my flat mates. And when I say met, I mean introduced myself on Facebook. But, from general chit-chat they all seem nice and I'm looking forward to meeting them. I've also had similar experiences with some of the people on my course, we've all started getting to know each other and we've got our own little group on Facebook, which has been nice too.

I'm finding myself just aimlessly wandering around the house. I'm really struggling to keep myself occupied. It's not that I'm bored. But rather, edgy and anxious and excited for moving away. At least that's how I feel. I don't feel bored. It's different to that.

It's a really crazy time in my life right now. It's all changing, which I'm completely open to, it's just going to take a little time to adjust to everything, but I'm fine. I'll be fine. So don't you worry. I know I'm leaving a lot behind, but that's okay. It's not like it's forever. It's not like I can't come back. It's just time for my future to actually begin, granted it's a year late, but then again, I think the delay has only made me a better person than I was, and it feels like now is the right time for me. I feel like now I know what I want to do, well, for the next three years at least. After that, I have absolutely no idea. But I guess I've got plenty of time to figure that out. University should open many doors for me.

When I went for a tour around the department last year, I was told it's not about how many opportunities I'm presented with, it's about what I choose to do with them. And I think that's a rather important piece of advice.

I had originally intended to present this on YouTube, but I think it's better written down. That way I can actually put something together that makes sense, rather than 12 minutes of me rambling. I don't know. This just feels better for now.

But that's it really. It's a sort of update, thought explanation thing. At least it's killed half an hour or so writing it, haha!

I've also added a couple more gadget things to my blog. You can now get straight to my Twitter (do so with caution, particularly on a Sunday. Bloody F1. Sorry.) And you can also join this site. Which is basically a fancy way of following my blog.

Thank you for reading,

- Anthony.


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