Rain, rain, go away - Some things happened that I thought I would share.

Last Saturday, me and one of my bandmates, Jack, played a small acoustic set of songs for a cancer research event we were invited to. The evening was a huge success, and there was a lot of money raised, which is definitely good, because cancer is bad, and the sooner we rid of it, the better. To be fair to Jack and myself, I'd say we played quite well considering we'd only practiced twice. But we managed to fill half an hour with some songs by Queen, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and more, which I reckon were received rather well by the audience. And then! On the Sunday afterwards I played a gig at Newark Castle with Jack and my other bandmate, Lee.

Apart from performances with various school bands, I've never played in public with any other band. We played both original songs, as well as covers, filling 45 minutes. And even though the weather seemed mostly okay in the morning, it started to rain a little as we ventured towards Newark, and then just as we went up on stage it got worse. But, it was nice that people came to watch us, sitting there in the cold and rain for an hour whilst we helped set up, do a soundcheck and then actually play can't have been the best thing in the world, but thank you all for coming. You're all brilliant.

I didn't stick around after we finished because it was cold, everything had rain on it (making it somewhat awkward to play and keep in tune), and I just wanted to get everyone and myself home and warm, rather than waiting around all day in the cold catching our deaths.

But, above all I had a great time. First gig done, bring on the next one! (Tonight actually!)

'Fine' in the rain.
I've absolutely no idea what I'm staring at at this moment in time, but hey, I can play and sing at the same time. I bet you didn't know that, did you?

So as the title suggests, there has been some rain. And I'm sure you're all aware... But on Tuesday there was a ridiculous amount of rain. I'm not even kidding. Thankfully, I spent the day indoors and only had to venture out the once in the late afternoon for band practice.

But on the way home, my god did it come down.

Much rain.
I actually don't think I've seen this much rain before. This is on the way home, and we just cannot see where we're going. Crawling along the A614 at 35mph is never the best thing in the world, but we just had no choice.

The rain did eventually stop, and whilst the thunder grumbled to itself in the distance I took some sneaky pictures of the sky and made myself a nice little panorama.

The clouds above my house, in evil thundery mode of course.
I do love thunder storms. I don't know what it is about them, they're just exciting and loud and really quite fascinating.

Here are some final thoughts for the week - My blog has been live for two weeks now, and in that time I've managed to make four people cry (that I'm aware of), talk about some things that have been on my mind for a while, share a little about myself with you lot, and surpass 260 views! Which, granted may not be a lot, but I'm rather pleased with that.

So thank you very much everyone.

There shall be no more posts until after my Birthday, but I'll give you a nice write up about that in the days following!


- Anthony.


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