100+ views and a little follow up.

So in just 24 hours my blog passed 100 views. Thanks guys. And I'm sure in terms of blogging that's rather a small amount, but I'm actually quite impressed with that.

As a treat, I've decided to write you a little follow up to my previous (and only) post.

So my oldest friend kindly informed me that I forgot to mention in my 'about me' that I'm ginger. Yes. It's true. Mock me, if you will. It's quite alright though. It's never bothered me. In fact I disliked my hair even more when it was black. So there. And, for those of you who are a little sceptical, here's a photo. 

Told you. Slightly old photo from Disneyland Paris last year. I no longer have straight hair, but I do have straight teeth.

Another thing that happened in these past few days was something rather important. Whilst it probably won't matter to anyone else, me and my girlfriend hit a sort of mini-milestone, if you will. It's been six whole months that we've been together. And, whilst that's a relatively short amount of time, it really has been brilliant. And I honestly don't know where the last six months have gone. It seems as though it were only last week I was celebrating Christmas with the family. Let alone doing exams, handing in coursework, leaving school. It's hard to think so much has happened in such a short space of time. 

I've just realised I've gone rather seamlessly from one topic to another. Well wasn't that impressive. 

That's it really. I've got the whole summer ahead of myself now, so I'll keep you all posted. 

- Anthony.


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